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CONBY - The C3 SaaS Source, a Cloud Dataflow startup

      .MOBI, Open Source Technology, Offshore Outsourcing Services, PHP, Python, Drupal, Hadoop, Google Cloud Engine, Hive, Spark


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  • 2015-10 C3 Service will be under maintenance on 20th Oct since Linode Japan reason.(Running)
  • 2015-05 C3(v4.0.0) beta, spark/yarn based.
  • 2015-04 C3(v3.3.7) released, minor bug fixes.
  • 2014-12 C3(v3.3.6) released, minor bug fixes.
  • 2014-06 C3(v3.3.1) core platform ready for service, User Event monitoring.
  • 2014-05 C3 core platform v3.2.9(docker.io based) coming soon.
  • 2013-12 C3 core platform v3.2.6 released(cost-based).
  • 2013-02 C3 core platform v3.1.2 released(50 logic nodes trial).
  • 2012-10 C3 core platform v3.1 released.
  • 2012-08 C3 Mobile API Service released(Free)
  • 2012-01 C3 Computer Vision pattern recognition service Launched(Cloud computing V3.0)
  • 2011-12 Free C3 Operating Web Portal system to BPA client now available.
  • 2011-08 C3 computing platform V3.0 released. real-time platform status.
  • 2010-03 Free Map-Reduce computing service(Cloud computing V2.0)
  • 2010-03 Free Business Process Automation service(Cloud computing V2.0)
  • 2010-03 C3(V2.0) API and BPA service released
  • 2009-05 Hive Pig map-reduce SS Launched
  • 2007-05 Cloud Computing Data Mining and Web Scraping (V1.0)
  • 2007-05 .MOBI template UI package
  • 2007-02 Twitter API WS Launched
  • 2006-09 Super Think Tank: PM Master Launched
  • 2005-03 Video broadcast product PPSHOW released.

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